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Zomberry: Day Zero is a comic story made as a prequel to Zomberry Island. It features Joe Puddy as the main protagonist.


In the town of Eastman, everyone is eating fruit. But Joe Puddy, an "unfortunate carnivore" is just sitting down watching in disgust as his wife, Elaine, uses crazy techniques to get him to eat some fruit for once.

Joe walks out to go to work, with Elaine storming after him. When they reach the bottom of the apartment building, Elaine asks him when he's going to finally eat some fruit. He replies by sarcastically telling her that he'll only eat fruit during an apocalypse.

As Joe walks out, he greets his neighbors and friends, who are all eating blueberries from the fruit stall. When he says hello to Hal, Hal doesn't reply except with a groan. When Joe turns around, Hal's skin turns purple. Then he turns into a strange purple zombie who pursues Joe.

Joe escapes Hal, but is grabbed by the other residents of Eastman, also mutated into zombies. Suddenly a police helicopter flies in and announces that there's an outbreak in the town of Eastman. They shine the spotlight on the zombies, announcing that light is the zombies' weakness.

Joe escapes from the zombies, who appear to be caught in some sort of trance because of the light. He climbs up the construction site he's been working on and climbs up to the top. Seeing as how they were in the midst of a growing zombie apocalypse, he eats some fruit, and mutates into a zombie himself.


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