Zomberries are zombie-like Poptropican/blueberry fruit hybrid creatures from Zomberry Island.


They resemble Poptropicans with blue-purple skin and pale yellow eyes. When they move, they stick their arms in front of them like a zombie. Their feet drag as well. Most are basically randomized Poptropicans modified with mutated faces to give them a zombie-like appearance.

Zomberries were created when pesticides were used on blueberries from Cleveland. The pesticide transformed any ordinary Poptropicans into zomberries when they ingested the berries.

Transformation into a Zomberry can be quite slow. After eating infected fruits, they begin to cough a little and begin feeling slightly sick, but they can still talk. Then they begin to feel weak and dizzy, and start to wobble as they walk, groaning. Eventually, their skin color begins to change to a blue-ish purple, and then they finally make a full transformation.

Some people, like Joe Puddy, knew about the Zomberry epidemic and were apparently able to overcome full transformation and, while in the form of a Zomberry, they kept a state of fear and trauma, hiding from anyone or anything the came their way.

The Zomberries are afraid of light and will flee from any light source. Aside from that, they can be cured with a special medicine.


Role on Zomberry Island

The goal of Zomberry Island is to find a way to cure the Zomberries and stop the Zomberry epidemic. Along the way, many zomberries will try to stop you. If you touch them, your Poptropican will start running far away in the opposite direction screaming.



  • Throughout Zomberry Island, the zomberries are referred to as simply "zombies."
  • In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, when Violet Beauregarde chewed Willy Wonka's chewing gum she turned purple and swelled up, causing her to closely resemble a Zomberry.
  • Zomberry Island may be a spoof of a video game Dead Rising.
  • Zomberry is made up of "zombie" and "berry."
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