Fake himalayas

The Yeti in the Himalayan Hurl game.

The Yeti is a cryptid in Cryptids Island. It also appears in Wimpy Boardwalk Island.

Cryptids Island

Go to the Himalayas. Head to the top of the left mountain and find the young-looking man. Ask him to be your sherpa and he will take you up the mountain. To get up the mountain without getting blown off, you have to jump ahead of the sherpa and tie your rope to one of the rings. You can skip rings if you're fast enough. If you fall off but your sherpa is tied on, you can climb back up the rope when it stiffens then you will find a footprint but when you go back to the observatory it will turn out it was just snow that fell


When you reach the top of the mountain, go inside the temple and talk to the head monk. He will give you a lantern, which you must light with the matches. Go outside again and up to the roof of the main building.

Temple rooftops

The monk up there will challenge you to a board game, where you have to get the Yeti past the hunters from one side to another. To avoid being cornered, jump diagonally up and down. After winning, the monk will let you through. Jump up to the roof of the building on the right, then run up the rocky cliff until you spot a supposed Yeti footprint. Take and picture and head back to Mews. He will say that it is just a boot print and that there is no point in looking in the Himalayas anymore. After you finish this and the other missions, a new sighting of Bigfoot appears.

Wimpy Boardwalk Island

The Yeti appears in the island as a cardboard cut-out in the background of the game Himalayan Hurl as a decoration.



  • The Yeti never physically appeared in Cryptids Island, though its scalp could be seen in the temple.
    • The scalp might be fake, as in real life there have been fake Yeti scalps made from scraps of fur and the scalp in the monastery looks like there are scraps of fur glued on.
  • A drawing of the Yeti is featured on a monk's board game.
  • His relative, Bigfoot, appears instead of the Yeti.
  • The yeti in the newspaper looks very similar to Bumble from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
  • The yeti in Cryptids Island is the only one of the Cryptids that remain unconfirmed.
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