Wolves are minor antagonists of Vampire's Curse Island.


The wolves have black fur and piercing red eyes that appear to be seething with anger. The wolves also have long canine teeth in their upper jaw that stick down below their lower jaw.

The wolves are very fast, vicious, and have very sharp teeth. Moreover, they seem to appear out of nowhere.


Role on Vampire's Curse Island

When you venture into the forest, you will encounter some wolves. The first time you see one, you must hide inside a hollow tree and use one of the tree's branches to hit the beast. The second time you encounter one, it is standing on a rope bridge, and to get past it, you have to break the rope suspending it and let the wolf fall off.


  • The "wolves" could actually be a single wolf over and over again.
  • The wolves do not bear any sort of resemblance to typical Poptropican dogs, even though both species are canines.
  • It is possible that these wolves may have served Count Bram before he passed away.
  • You need something called wolfsbane to complete the island.
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