Hey everyone,

My name is HPuterpop, you may know me fromthe Poptropica Help Blog. I'm the new executive manager here on the Poptropica wiki - I'm a graphic designer and writer - and yes, I'm responsible for the complete change of design pace, plus the main page redesign.

As for the css, it was pretty messy and rather than trying to fix it, I decided to start over. Minor changes may be added, but nothing too serious. The main page was also cluttered, so I did away with that as well, and started over. I'm pretty happy with the outcome atm, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. It's not the final design, but it has the basic elements.

If you plan on editing anything, please read through this entire paragraph below

My main goal right now is to renovate the wiki, and that also means renovating the content. I'd like the community's attention to be directed moreso toward the Character pages. A lot of the pages have typos and a lot are stubs. For infoboxes please use Template:Original_Infobox when remodeling pages. If you need a format for character pages,please use this page. Eventually I'll manual of style to comply with this format, but for now just stick to that. :)

More on my sudden appearance will be coming soon. I can't say completely yet, but just keep your eyes open. :)



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