Poptropica Wiki

Current status: Working on other wikis at the moment.

I became a Content Moderator and a Common Room Moderator on June 17th, 2018! On July 11th, I got promoted to Thread Moderator. On August 18th, I was promoted to Administrator. I mainly create item pages, archive Poptropica's .SWF files, and get high-quality images for the wiki. Feel free to ask me if you need help with anything!

I'm also the creator of the wiki bot!

Favorite and Least Favorite Islands

Top Five Favorites

  1. Spy Island
  2. Counterfeit Island
  3. Nabooti Island
  4. Mocktropica Island
  5. Astro-Knights Island

Top Five Least Favorites

  1. Virus Hunter Island
  2. Mystery Train Island
  3. Monkey Wrench Island
  4. Wild West Island
  5. Galactic Hot Dogs Island

My wiki plans

In progress

Progress for larger pages can be found at my WIPs page.

  • Fill out dialogue pages. (Active)
  • Rename island navbox templates to full island names (Astro-Knights Island) instead of abbreviations (AKIsland). (Active)
  • Archive .SWF files. (Active)
  • Start making some pages for scenes and improve existing ones. (Queued)
  • Make a Shrink Ray Island navbox. (Queued)
  • Create pages for items. (Queued)
    • Create pages for each island medallion. (Inactive)
  • Make pages for the Game Show Island game shows. (Queued)