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  • I am i'm a potato

Haiiiiiiiii!, <insert name here>! Welcome to the amazing world of Nyan Cat and friends! Hi there! I am FudgyGuy, the sweets and chicken king. I am of Asian ethnic and I would describe myself as happy, friendly, and nice!!!!!!!!

About me

I'll tell you in a paragraph. I live on planet earth in a small state named Massachusetts, and I love Market Basket, KFC, Popeyes, Disney World, Roblox, and watching Chinese Dramas.


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This place is amazing! Hope to meet more people here!

My purpose on this wiki:

  1. Chat with me! I'm always here to help and do things that are within my capabilities
  2. To clean this wiki up and edit and make more pages
  3. Make friends. I love having friends!!!!!! ( I like emailing people)

About my Poptropican

Friendly Dragon

I'm a person who likes shopping, fashion, and getting medallions. Friend mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have 1,000 friends for no reason. I think I started when I was 5???????? The first island I won was Time Tangled. Does anyone else get scared by Vampire's Curse and that creepy puppet in Monster Carnival? It's SCAAAAAAARY

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  • nyaaaaaaan cat
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