aka Dewmilk

  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is superhero
  • I am Still Alive. Are you? I'm also female.


This is me. I am Dewmilk/Incredible Lizard

About me

I am awesome. I like programming stuff and reading. Gaming is also a hobby of mine.

About my Poptropican

My Poptropican looks like me (mostly) and carries a very large backpack containing everything she'll ever need, like a sword and other things. She's completed 35 islands. Her favorite island is Monster Carnival. Her least favorite is Lunar Colony.

Ideas for Future Islands

School Island (defeat your evil principal in a way similar to Mythology Island while trying to escape the evil boarding school like Pelican Island)

Psych the Island (based on the popular tv show on USA and Amazon prime

) Music Island (start a band, get people to join, win over your audience and find out who has been sabotaging your music equipment)

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