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The Yokozuna is a successful sumo wrestler whom you face in Red Dragon Island.



Though The Yokozuna comes across as violent and dangerous, he has demonstrated that he cares about his fans and hates to let them down. Because of this, it is possible he is only aggressive when in the ring. He can be bad-tempered and impatient as shown when you battle him.


He has pale skin along with black hair and is wearing a red and black suit.


Role on Red Dragon Island

After you help various people in their tasks, you will meet The Yokozuna. First you must help him sign autographs for his fans. Then you must help his competitor by fighting him. When he stomps the ground, you must jump to prevent yourself from being affected. When he charges, jump over him. If you keep doing this, he will get angry and charge at an extreme speed. Dodge him and he will fall out of the ring eventually.


  • He may be based on an actual sumo wrestler called Rodney Agatupu Anoa'i, who is also known as Yokozuna.

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