The Poptropica Blimp is a large yellow and gold striped blimp used to navigate the player throughout the islands on Poptropica. When you go into the blimp, from on the island, you are brought to the map to visit other islands.


The blimp is created by your Poptropican, Amelia and the monkeys on Monkey Wrench Island, after Amelia's plane crashes so you can get back in the race. Your Poptropican later uses it to travel Poptropica.

Location of the Blimp

The Poptropica blimp appears in every island up to Survival Island. This is because every island, until Arabian Nights Island, follows Survival Island was an episodic island, because adding multiple blimps on an island's different episodes would be odd, especially considering that some of them take place fully in buildings or areas in similar positions. However, the blimp does appear at the start of Survival episode one, before it is popped in a lighting storm. Players could access the map (on all of these islands, as well as all of the other SUI islands) through a blimp icon located in the menu.

The blimp, despite Survival Island being an episodic island, is in Survival Island (episode one). This is because it plays a fairly large role in the island.

Following the episodic islands (since Poptropica changed back to releasing full islands), the blimp still has yet to have returned, not being in Galactic Hot Dogs Island. However, the blimp returns in Mystery of the Map Island.

Blimp Toy

The Poptropica Inflatable Blimp
A toy blimp is available. It is inflatable and contains a small poptropican figure inside the bottom of the blimp. It comes with a promo code that can unlock a mini-island called Poptropica Blimp Adventure where you have to face an evil villain named Dr. Cumulo Nimbus who is destroying islands in Poptropica with his Storm Blimp.


  • The Poptropica Blimp appears on every island except Galactic Hot Dogs IslandMission Atlantis, Arabian Nights, and PoptropiCon. More on the reason behind this is explained in the "Location of the Blimp" section.
  • Early Poptropica Island is the first island to have the Blimp on it.
  • On Time Tangled Island, take notice that the Blimp is not in the past.
  • On Steamworks Island, there is a small model of a Mech-Blimp in Sully's Shop.
  • Wimpy Wonderland Island has a paper-sketched Blimp instead of a colored one, which fits the rest of the islands theme.
  • When you're shrunk on Shrink Ray Island, you have to use a Toy Blimp to travel to other islands. Also, in the sneak peek game Shrink Shot, the Poptropica Blimp floats about the room.
  • Mystery Train Island has the Blimp in two place: Main Street and the train rest stop. If you need to go to another island while you are on the John Bull, you can speak with the conductor and he will let you out at a stop where the blimp is.
  • While on the moon's surface on Lunar Colony Island, there is a blimp in the area Lunar Surface.
  • It is revealed in the Poptropica Book, Skullduggery Island, the blimp's nickname is Aurora.
  • In Back Lot Island, the blimp was referenced for the first time during the course of the island quest being called a "Golden blimp."
  • The Blimp is wrecked in Survival Island after a lightning strike, although it is still accessible by the new menu. It is seen still broken in Survival-Episode 5.


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