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Super Hot Dog Boy was a comic celebrating the release of Super Power Island. The art was made to look like it was drawn by Ned Noodlehead, so it looks very different from the art of the later comics Zomberry: Day Zero and Pandemic Panic.


Ned Noodlehead is introduced as the alter-ego of an amazing super-hero, Super Hot Dog Boy. Meanwhile, in the City Park, Ratman is hungry. He sees a hot dog being prepared at the hot dog cart. He mind-controls the rats in the park and commands them to swipe the hot dog. The rats form a ladder out of their bodies and grab the hot dog. The Hot Dog Vendor cries for help as the rats take more hot dogs to Ratman. Ned hears the cry and quickly flies to the park.

Ratman enjoys the hot dogs his rats have collected for him, but Ned flies up and gets his attention. Ratman tries to make excuses on why he stole the hot dog, but Ned punches him and knocks him out cold. As the police take Ratman away, Ned enjoys munching on some hot dogs.


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