The Styx Crocodile is a reptilian creature that lives in the River Styx.


The Styx Crocodile is a reptilian creature with slimy yellow-green skin and yellow sharp teeth. It also has pale yellow eyes. It has dark green pointy spines around its head and large nostrils.

Role on Mythology Island

The Styx Crocodile rises from the green waters of the River Styx every so often andtries to knock you off Charon's boat. It is one of the three recurring obstacles you must get past to reach Hades’ throne room along with a falling stalactite and a levitating flaming skull. You must jump over it to dodge it.


  • In Hades' throne room, there is a picture of the Styx Crocodile laying affectionately next to Hades as he travels across the River Styx in Charon's ferry.
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