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Snagglemast Island is the 47th island on Poptropica. It was released on June 13, 2019. It succeeds Monkey Wrench Island. Snagglemast Island is the third tutorial island, after Home Island and Monkey Wrench Island.


"Collect gold coins while learning basic game mechanics. Recommended for first-time players."


Walk to the right for a bit, and you'll meet Amelia, who informs you of the eight mega coins around the island. The first one is located to her right; walk over and pick it up. The second coin can be obtained by jumping to the platform with the hamster. The third mega coin is on top of a tree after a few more jumps. After climbing a few ropes, you can swim and jump onto a bouncy plank with the fourth mega coin on it. Jump above the dog to obtain the fifth coin. Walk to the next scene and jump to the tree with the sixth coin. After another meeting with Amelia, you can find the seventh mega coin on a barrel near a crocodile. Continue right and press the button on the floating platform to reach a high-up piece of land with a seagull and the eigth and final mega coin. You gain the Tutorial Coins item, and Amelia congratulates you, then takes you back to Home Island.



All coins collected in bar at top left corner of screen.


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