Sir Gawain is an astro knight of the Kingdom of Arturus who set out to space to find the lost princess. He goes to the Ice Planet (X-73 Y-83) and fails because of the Tigercopter. He brought a Force Shield on his journey to help him find the missing princess and to possibly defeat the Tigercopter.


He is a light-skinned man and his armor is blue and is covered with fur to keep warm. His helmet has three fin-like structure on top. He along with Sir Cador and Sir Pelasus are the Astro-Knights.


Role on Astro-Knights Island

Sir Gaiwan set out to space to find the Princess. He somehow faced the Space Sharks and landed on Slippy Mountain. He climbed Mount Slippy and fought the copter, but alas, he had failed. Then met the Chosen one, who defeated the fierce white beast, with the Force Shield. After that he discovers that the Princess isn't there and joins the Chosen One's journey to find her. Since she's wasn't in this galaxy, the troop decides to follow a legend of a key to another galaxy. When they get there, Gaiwan finds an inscription on a crystal. After the war, Gaiwan knows that the Chosen One's name will go down in History. He was also seen on a profile quiz question seeing the snow fall.


  • It is rumored by Garth that Sir Gawain wears green underwear.
  • When Astro-Knights Island first came out, Sir Gawian's armor was customizable. Later then, it was prevented.
  • An alien on Pewter Moon says that she hasn't seen a Poptropican in 20 years: however, Sir Gawain seems to have a spaceship from Pewter Moon, and as he set out to find the Princess, it seems unlikely that he would have got the spaceship 20 years ago. It is possible that Pewter Moon years are shorter than Earth and/or Planet Poptropica years, making this possible. However, in Main Street, a man said that Mordred built the planetarium 20 years ago as well.
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