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Satyrs are creatures on Mythology Island.


Pan is the Greek god of the wild. In Mythology Island, he is featured as the ghost of a dead satyr. He lives in the Labyrinth. He will help you with the bone puzzle by giving you an ominous clue - "Remember, there is more than one way to read the bones," hinting to use the bones to spell out the word "TEN."


Satyrs are half-goat half-human creatures. In Mythology Island, you must fetch all of the honey jars for a satyr on The Tree Of Immortality. Satyrs also appear throughout the island. One blocks the road to the garden of the Sphinx until you speak to Zeus. Others just stand around the island.

Poptropica Adventures

In the Poptropica Adventures video game, you will meet a Satyr on the Tree Of Immortality. He has a musical shell, but would much rather have pan pipes. If you've already stopped the waterwall, go inside Poseidon's Temple and pick up the pan pipes. Bring it to the Satyr and he will give you his shell.


  • Pan being located in the Labyrinth might be a reference to the 2006 Mexican-Spanish dark fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth.
  • Pan, being a god, is much larger than most average satyrs.
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