Rose is Princess Elyana's lady in waiting on Astro-Knights Island.



Rose has wide eyes and a frown, and a blue and white headdress. She wears a blue dress with white and orange gems.


When the princess is taken, Rose is horrified, and very paranoid.


Before Mordred's attack on the Kingdom of Arturus, Rose helped the princess transmit secret messages, unaware of the danger. She would carry the letters written between Mordred and Elyana, and lay the responses on the fountain in town square.

From there, the secret entrance would open, and Mordred or one of his followers would take the letters down into the Secret Sanctum.

After Mordred's attack, Rose realizes what she had done. Finding her in her bedroom, she tells you this, and gives you one of the letters that confirms the involvement. Rose is distraught, and can't believe that she was a part of it.


  • Her name was revealed in the Astro-Knights book.
  • Possible inspiration for her name is the rose on the princess's letter.
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