Richard is the king of Arturus. He is the husband of the Queen and father of Princess Elyana. His name is revealed in the Astro-Knights Island book.



The King of Arturus wears a red and yellow crown, has short brown hair and beard, and wears red clothes with a red cape trimmed in ermine, a gold pendant, and he carries a staff.


In the island, though he really doesn't have a role, he serves some purpose in the storyline. As seen in Mordred's Journal, he is one of the reasons why Mordred was locked up, due to the inventor experimenting in the dark sciences. When you arrive, he sends you on a quest to find his daughter who was abducted by Mordred, now known as the Binary Bard. After the quest, he says that he should have known that Mordred was behind all of events as well as knighting you in honor of saving his daughter.


  • Richard is a reference to Richard the Lionheart, a king from the Medieval ages. This may also be the reason for Arturus's symbol, the lion.

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