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The Red Baron is an enemy that appears on Great Pumpkin Island.


The Red Baron appears as a small, yellow, vaguely humanoid bird wearing aviator goggles in a disproportionately large red biplane.


Role on Great Pumpkin Island

When you and Snoopy imagine flying through the skies as World War I pilots, the Red Baron appears and tries to shoot you out of the sky. He will follow you and fire his guns and drop bombs to try to destroy the flying doghouse. After a minute, the doghouse takes enough damage and crashes, and the Red Baron doesn't follow or appear thereafter.


  • It is shown on Great Pumpkin Island that Red Baron may just be Snoopy's friend, Woodstock, since he flies the plane.
  • He is based on the famous fighter pilot Manfred Von Richtofen, who is commonly known as the Red Baron.
  • This is one of the few times in any Peanuts-related media we actually see the Red Baron outside of the Peanuts movie and the video game Snoopy vs The Red Baron.
  • The Red Baron might not exist, seeing as how the entire World War I scenario seems to have been a figment of your own imagination.
  • The Red Baron is similar to Wonka's Rivals in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Bonus Quest.
  • On Monkey Wrench Island, there is a villain known as 'The Red Baroness', who is obviously based off The Red Baron.
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