Reality TV is a reality game show based on the real-life show Survivor. The player must compete with seven opponents to be the hero of the player's hometown and try to not be voted off at the end of each challenge.



The entire show is actually on an unknown island. At the beginning and the end of each "day," you will be in a base camp. Each day, for seven days, you will go through 7 different challenges. The challenges are randomized, so this list is in alphabetical order.


At the end of the day, you vote on someone to be eliminated. Be the champion at a challenge, and you are safe from being voted on. This is very important when it is down to the final three and two. If you actually win, you get to go back as much as you like and get the medallion again.


Main article: Reality TV Competitors

You will have to compete against seven of these competitors per season.


  • The style of the show is similar to Total Drama Island.
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