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Reality TV: Wild Safari Island is the 51st island on Poptropica.

It is a sequel to Reality TV Island and it succeeds Snagglemast Island. An exclusive preview for this island was released on Coolmath Games on July 23, 2019. It was released for members in September 2019 and was available for everyone in October 2019.

This island challenged players to surpass obstacles during a Reality TV show in a safari environment against people in order to get the first place prize.


This new island takes you deep into the jungle where you'll compete against other contestants to win the grand prize! Think you have what it takes to win the medallion of this new Poptropica Island?
—Poptropica Creator's Blog


  • The gameplay style in this island is very similar to Poptropolis Games
  • The NPCs that you can play against are references to famous people and celebrities.
    • Shett and Blinked are based on YouTube comedians Rhett & Link.
    • Torta Piccola is based on YouTube baker Rosanna Pansino.
    • Bob Floss is based on painter Bob Ross.
    • Baby Googoo is based on singer Lady Gaga.
    • Shendiva is based on singer and actress Zendaya.
    • Bopbop is based on singer and YouTube personality JoJo Siwa.
    • Amara Enorme is based on singer Ariana Grande.
    • Brindi Bundee is based on animal conservationist Bindi Irwin.
    • Kitten Whispers is based on cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.
    • Mandy Screams is based on YouTube personality Miranda Sings.
    • Tesla Topsy is based on actress Tessa Thompson.
    • Kicker Halfpipe is based on snowboarder Chloe Kim.
    • Won't Jones is based on singer and rapper Canton Jones.
    • Jay Isaacs is based on either Seth Rogen or Jack Osbourne.
    • Zack Styles is based on actor and singer Zachary Levi.
    • Deli is based on singer Adele.
    • Jack Neuron is based on singer and actor Zac Efron.
  • When the announcer asks you if you're ready to begin there are dialogue choices that sound more confident as you go down. These choices can tell how easy or difficult the islands games will be.
  • There references to pop culture and a reference to Bucky Lucas from the previous Reality TV island.
    • References included:


This .gif was shown the official Poptropica Twitter page

'Popmanji' board shown in Common Room


Bucky Lucas newpaper page, "Washed Up"


Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Medallion


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