Ratman is one of the villains of Super Power Island.


Ratman has a long Fu Manchu mustache and is capable of controlling rats and, possibly, insects (flies).


Ratman was a mastermind that hypnotized rats to help him steal jewels and money. His pets later "ratted" him out and he was sent to County Prison. One day, a radioactive meteor crashed into the prison, causing him and the inmates to mutate and escape. When they robbed a bank and separated, Ratman went to the sewers. When the player get's into his hideout by going into the bathroom's, he's surprised, but orders the rats to get you. Then, he gets knocked unconscious by sewage. He is apprehended and wakes up in County Prison.

Role on Super Power Island

Ratman's hideout is located in the bathroom right next Sir Rebal's statue. Once you find him, you must climb a series of pipes in order to reach him while dodging the rats and wasps. He was also seen in three comics on the Creator's Blog. He uses mind control to control rats to wreak havoc on Poptropica.    

Role on Super Villain Island

Ratman is in Super Villain Island along with the other Super Power Island criminals along with other villains from the past are in Erewhon Prison. He is in a cell with El Mustachio. If you click on him, he says: "There's got to be a way out!."

Role in Poptropica Adventures

In the video game, Ratman is a retired villain who works with his rats to keep the sewers clean. Betty Jetty flies in, accidentally scattering the rats and dropping a comic book into the hands of Ratman. Later, Ratman will tell you what happened and you must find his rats. When you do, he will give you the comic book.



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