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Rachel Salerno, aka Commander Salerno is a devoted astronaut who successfully found traces of alien life on the moon, on Lunar Colony Island.


Salerno is extremely stubborn and headstrong, especially when it comes to alien life. She is obsessed with finding proof of alien life. This obsession drove her insane.



Salerno was sent to the moon to study it and remained there for many years, during which she discovered possible proof of alien life. When the PASE attempted to bring her back to Earth and close the project, she remained on the moon, determined to discover alien life. She escaped from the lunar space station until the PASE was forced to send someone to retrieve her.

Role on Lunar Colony Island

Your mission is to find Salerno on the moon. You pinpoint her location, but she escapes, dropping her ID card. You once again find her, and chase her to the empty area of the moon. The Alien rock comes up and shoots out a beam of light. The two lights from the two rocks will cross at one area, and that's where Salerno appears with a shovel, and you start digging. You will soon fall underground into a cavern. You run up to this strange statue of what is probably an Alien Creature. It is holding a strange magnifying glass-like object. A portal to the alien world will appear inside of it. Despite your regrets, Salerno jumps in anyway. Later, back at Mission Control, she will appear on-screen waving and holding a sign that says "Mission Accomplished." During the Bonus Quest, she sends in a code that if decoded, will show some pictures she took of the alien world.


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