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Princess Dagger is a character from the Galactic Hot Dogs series, and appears in Galactic Hot Dogs Island. She is the daughter of Queen Dagger and the princess of Malifezia, the evil queen.



Princess Dagger has light purple skin and magenta hair, with a small crown ontop. She wears a blue dress with a yellow cape.


According to the Galactic Hot Dogs Store on Main Street, Dagger was raised to be evil (sassy at first), but is now trying hard to be good. She doesn't appear to like the Intergalactic Food Truck Cook-off, and thinks the food trucks just "stink up the joint."


Princess Dagger is a 14-year old Malum and the daughter of the Evil Queen. Normally raised to be evil, she starts trying to be good, which her mother isn't happy about. She attempts to steal the Mega-Dog, according to one of the comic strips.

Role on Galactic Hot Dogs Island

You first see Princess Dagger in the Arena, talking with her mother. Her mother appears to be upset that her daughter is trying to be good, and thinks of how horrible of a mother she would be if she couldn't raise her to be evil. However this conversation is just there for cutscene purposes.

Dagger appears once again, in the first comic strip. It appears that she made it on the ship, which concerns Cosmoe since he thinks that the Queen might think they kidnapped her. Along with Cosmoe and Humphree, she is sucked into the wormhole that appears out of nowhere. She is transported to a dark red planet near a white star, and is trapped in a filthy cave that you have to break her out of.

Once all of the crew is back in the ship, the three will say different things about where they saw the treasure map. Princess Dagger will say that she saw it on the fifth row of a galactic map. When you return to the ship with the Map-o-Sphere, you will be targeted by the Queen. Dagger will then suggest you hit the red button, which is all that's left to do to finish the island.

Apart from reading the last comic strip, of course...



  • In the Galactic Hot Dogs Store, there is a costume of her that you can customize. It looks just like her, albeit without the frown that has its own talking animation.
  • Princess Dagger is not customizable, as the customizer will not detect anyone to customize, even if she's in range. She shares this trait with the other characters from the island.
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