Why not put on the Porter's clothes and bring Monsieur Tesla a drink?
Mademoiselle Moreau

The Porter Outfit is an item located on Mystery Train Island. You must customize it at one point, so that you may enter Nikola Tesla's room in search for clues. 

Role on Mystery Train Island

You can find the Porter Outfit in the Porter Closet. Put it on and go to Tesla's cabin. He will let you in.

When you're in, pick up the jug of prune juice on the table, then click on Tesla. He'll ask you three times to fill his cup, and then he will need to go to the bathroom. While he's gone, the item you click directly before he enters will be where the key is. Then Tesla will come back, and he will tell you to leave.


  • If you directly customize this outfit from the Porter, you will not be able to get past Tesla. 
  • This outfit is completely the same for both genders. The only difference is the hairstyle, depending on how your character's hair looks.
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