Poptropicans are the virtual equivalent of humans in Poptropica. Your avatar is also a Poptropican. They can become Poptropica Members which can have certain special privileges.



These shoe prints from a Poptropican are proof that they can wear shoes, but choose not to. It is assumed the player can wear shoes while the NPC's can't.

Poptropicans are small, neckless, human-like people that can run fast, jump high and drive. Their heads float around, only to be held up by an invisible force, similar to the Funko Bobble Head. Their heads can also come off when angered (they fly up into the air and come back instantly, after a few bounces). However, in Virus Hunter Island it is shown that they do have necks. Somehow, their hair is not completely attached, either. Their heads also catch up with them when falling, but not as fast as their body. Also poptropicans seem unable to die proven by poptropican characters jumping off high buildings and surviving major crashes (Cryptids Island) without a scratch, though they still can get hurt. They also seem capable of squeezing into tight spaces (Wild West Island), but still can be squished when compressed, however sometimes it still does not hurt them (24 Carrot Island). However, despite them being seemingly immortal, they can still die as shown in various islands such as Ghost Story Island. Also, they have an ability in challenges that is if they die or are caught, they can start over again. In reality, what's done is done. In the comic Zomberry: Day Zero, explaining why the outbreak began in Zomberry Island, it depicts Poptropicans with normal sized arms, hands, normal legs, and the ability to wear shoes (Poptropicans have the ability to wear shoes, but they choose not to unless necessary such as in Wimpy Boardwalk Island). They can turn into Vampires or Zomberries and can also have super powers. They can have abnormally colored skin and hair. In the arcade in the Poptropica Museum, a Poptropican will lose one of its lives by simply falling or hitting an obstacle. The less you hit an obstacle, the higher score you get (Poptropica Adventures). Poptropicans obviously aren't the only ones inhabiting Poptropica. Perfect replicas of Greg Heffley, Nate Wright, Charles Schulz, and Jack and Annie inhabit Poptropica (Wimpy Wonderland IslandWimpy Boardwalk IslandBig Nate IslandGreat Pumpkin IslandRed Dragon). Some Poptropican products are trademarks, but some are Poptropican versions of popular culture. For example, the Mona Lisa is made with a Poptropican head by Poptropica's Leonardo da Vinci. Many toys, wallpapers, and other evidence seen in Islands proves that Poptropicans, when not shown with rock hands, have four fingers. This means that perhaps the rock hands is just an illusion because Poptropicans are far away (Zomberry: Day Zero, Lego CUUSOO Wallpaper, Poptropica Blimp). This is supported by the fact that Poptropicans have fingerprints (Spy Island), and the fact that Joe Stockman was shown to have fingers in Virus Hunter Island. However, in Back Lot Island and on a Pop Quiz, it is mentioned that Poptropicans don't have thumbs. This means if it's possible that while Poptropicans have fingers, they lack opposable thumbs.


Evidence that Poptropicans lack thumbs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 6.26.05 PM

A one worded Poptropican.

Poptropican's names identify the user. Poptropicans have screen names other than their usernames. The screen names consist of two words.The first word is an adjective, such as Fun, Neat, Zany, etc. Then a noun is added, such as Hawk, Bird, Sword, etc. Some people, however, were able to get different names (see Glitches/Poptropica Coding). Occasionally, more than one Poptropican can have the same name. However, on rare cases, the Poptropican's name will only have one word.


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