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Poptropica Worlds is a spin-off of Poptropica that was released in the spring of 2017. It was announced in January 2016. The first island is called Crisis Caverns Island. The second one is 24 Carrot Island. The third one is Greek Sea Odyssey. It also has a mini-island titled Dr. Hare's Revenge.


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The game was released on browser for computers and as a mobile app on iOS devices.


Main Islands



Game Engine

Unlike the original Poptropica game, this version of the game is written in the widely-known game engine, Unity.

In the first Poptropica game, it was written on Adobe Flash, another well-known program used for a variety of unique purposes during its lifetime.



The controls in Poptropica Worlds consists of a 'Click-to-Move' moving mechanism. Compared to the original game, which uses a kind of 'Drag-to-Move' control. In more recent versions of the original, the 'Click-to-Move' makes this moving option active.

Chat System

Poptropica uses a simple pre-scripted bubble chat system when interacting with an NPC and/or Character.
Poptropica Worlds uses an RPG-like chat system when interacting with the characters, but still keeps the pre-scripted dialogue as in the previous games.


The art style is significantly different compared to how players are originally used to.

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Poptropicans in Poptropica Worlds are slightly taller compared to the Poptropicans in other games. Worlds has included fingers on Poptropica avatars, as well.


  • The currency to buy Store Items and Clubhouse decorations in Poptropica Worlds is called Coins, in Poptropica, they are called Credits. This is also confirmed on the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Poptropica website.


  • The URL, redirects to the original Poptropica site. This URL was most likely to be made to avoid any copies or misleading games that younger players might come across on.
  • When creating a new Poptropican on the original version of the game, the age selector ranges from 6-15. In Poptropica Worlds, the age selector ranges 5-99 years.


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