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Sample Character is a page to show contributors the basic outline of character pages. Please try to keep to this skeleton when making a character page. Exceptions can be made when necessary. Use the CharacterInfobox template for the infobox. Leave the picture up to the admins.

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If there is any developmental content pertaining to the character released from the Daily Pop, Twitter, or directly from creators, you can post a link here.

Captain Slarx appears in the Daily Pop - "Unmasked: A costume is good for what aliens you."
Captain Slarx


Here, we talk about the sample character. We can talk about the outfit, skin color, hair color, emotion, and overall personality of the character we're writing about.

Edmund, as most of the historic characters in Time Tangled are, is distressed and frantic. His skin is yellowish and his hair is not revealed because of his climbing gear - the real life Edmund has brownish hair. His wide eyed Poptropican has a worried mouth - and, his Poptropican wears no apparent shoes, even though he's climbing in a snowy blizzard!
Edmund Hillary


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Role in Island 1

Here, we talk about the character's place in the island, and how he plays into the grand scheme.

Role in Island 2

If they appear in multiple islands, sub-headings should be implemented; otherwise, leave the sub-headings out.


Here, you should state all the places the character has appeared, including island cameos and roles, and other stuff outside of the game such as island campaigns or toys. If the character only appears in the islands mentioned above, you can leave this section out and mention the appearances in the Storyline section.


Here, you can write miscellaneous interesting facts in a bullet point fashion, like so:

  • Cool fact 1!
  • Cool fact 2!
  • Cool fact 3!

If there are no facts to present, leave this section out. If you can incorporate any of these facts into the main article text, please do so.