The Poptropica Blimp is a large yellow and gold-striped blimp used to navigate Poptropica. When you go into the blimp, you are brought to the map, where you can visit other islands. The blimp's most important roles are on Survival Island, where it gets destroyed during a storm, and Blimp Adventure, in which the blimp has a bucket hanging down from it that helps extinguish fires.


The blimp is created by you, Amelia, and the monkeys on Monkey Wrench Island after Amelia's plane crashes, so you can get back in the race.


The blimp appears on the Main Street (or its equivalent) of every island except Galactic Hot Dogs Island and the episodic islands. It is also found on the surface of the moon on Lunar Colony Island, the rest stop on Mystery Train Island, and inside C.J.'s bedroom on Shrink Ray Island.



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