The Pizza Delivery Woman is a worker at Papa Pete's Pizza in Reality TV Island.



The delivery woman has dark brown hair and light brown skin. She is seen wearing a Papa Pete's Pizza uniform.


Not much is known about the delivery woman due to limited dialogue. She does not appear to care much for her job, or be very good at it either. When she was tasked with delivering a pizza to The Wayside Motel, she forgot the room to deliver to before she even arrived. This implies that she is either forgetful, or reluctant to remember details. During the very same delivery, a complete stranger offered to deliver the pizza for her, to which she accepted, without hesitating about what how trustworthy they might be. This implies that she is not very diligent in her work, perhaps even lazy.


The delivery woman arrives outside The Wayside Motel after you order a small pizza to be delivered to Room 4B. However, when you talk to her, she tells you she has forgotten which room to deliver it to. You offer to deliver the pizza for her, so you can meet Bucky Lucas. She accepts, stating that she would like to get home so that she can watch TV anyway.

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