Pewter Moon

Pewter Moon is Planet Poptropica's moon.

Role on Astro-Knights Island

After the chosen one recovers the Excalibur on Astro-Knights Island, he/she crash lands it here. Inhabited by the Pewter Moon aliens, this place had been attacked by Mordred long before executing a final strike on Planet Poptropica. The coordinates for Pewter Moon are (Y-56 X-52).


  • In Lunar Colony Island, you land on a Moon. However, as shown in Astro-Knights Island, Pewter Moon is Poptropica's only moon. But it is still unknown whether this moon is Pewter Moon or not, though it most likely isn't, as it isn't populated with aliens.
    • It may be possible that there is another moon orbiting Poptropica but is instead hidden behind the planet during the events of Astro-Knights Island and orbits Poptropica at a much slower rate.
  • Even after the events of Astro-Knights, you can still see the invaders attacking Pewter Moon from the telescope on Main Street.
  • According to the rocket ship database, Pewter Moon is colder than Ice Planet.

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