Paul Gilligan is a Poptropica creator who co-creates the Poptropica comic strip along with Kory Merritt. From his Amazon author page:

Paul Gilligan studied illustration and animation at Sheridan College in Toronto and comedy writing at the National Film Institute. He has won awards for both illustration and design as a freelance illustrator for a diverse array of publications such as Entertainment Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, Men's Fitness, Disney Magazine, NFL Properties, and Bon Appetit, among others. Pooch Cafe is his first syndicated comic strip. He lives in Toronto.

Job on Poptropica

Paul writes the Poptropica comic, as well as approves the art made by Kory Merritt. Here's an excerpt from an interview that he was in:

"I do the writing, accompanied by thumbnails if necessary, and Kory pencils out the strips and runs them by me. I bring up any alterations that might be necessary for clarity, etc, and then he inks and colors the work. It’s been a fairly seamless collaboration thus far; Kory’s a great artist and super easy to work with."
―Paul Gilligan
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