Papa Pete's Pizza is a pizza company on Reality TV Island. Their number is found in the Poptop!cs magazine. They make you a small plain pizza, which you deliver to Bucky Lucas.

Role on Reality TV Island

You must call 555-PETE (555-7383) to reach the Pizza service and ask for a small plain pizza to be delivered to motel room 4B. To make the call, use the phone in the motel office to call the number in the magazine. The Pizza Delivery Woman arrives almost instantly.

Exit the motel office and go outside and talk to the pizza lady. She forgot the room number, but no worries, you can deliver it. She will hand you a Pizza, which you'll have to give to Bucky Lucas in room 4B.

Role on Zomberry Island

While you're crawling through the Fort Savini Tunnel to enter, you'll see a Papa Pete's Pizza delivery car with its dash lights on. It's piled up on top of other cars, in the dark and you can jump on it.

Role on Virus Hunter Island

A Papa Pete's Pizza flyer can be seen in the trash along with the Poptop!cs magazine from Reality TV Island.



  • The motel manager was mentioned to have stiffed them a tip once.
  • You can costumize the pizza later if you save it to your closet before handing it to Bucky Lucas.
  • It is a parody of Papa John's Pizza, a pizza delivery service in real life.