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The Motion Capture Device is a machine created by Thomas Edison to capture Motion Pictures, this relates to Thomas Edison's moving pictures.

Role on Mystery Train Island

In this island, Edison brings the Motion Capture Device along with him on the John Bull. Since you helped him carry his luggage onto the train he invites you to watch him test it. When it turns on, he leaves to get the New York Times Reporter. The train goes under a tunnel, and it gets dark. A thief steals the Motion Capture Device and frames Nikola Tesla by switching their suitcase nametag with his. When the Motion Capture Device is found, you and Edison discover that Tesla was on the other side of the train when the theft occurred, proving his innocence. Upon further investigation, you found out that the device was stolen by Mademoiselle Moreau so that she could get Tesla locked up and steal his transformer to sabotage the Ferris Wheel and make sure it didn't upstage the Eiffel Tower in Paris.