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Mini-Bots are what Director D sends at the B.A.D. satellite to make sure you don't stop him. You must lead them into orbs in orde rto destroy them.


They appear as floating melancholy robotic faces with a plug-like appendage sticking out of them. This appendage is used to electrocute people, but if touched by electricity they will be shocked.


Role on Spy Island

Once Director D. gets control of his satellite, he sends the Mini-Bots to attack you. They shock you when they touch you. To defeat them, you must drive them into the energy orbs on each corner of the room. When they shock it, the overload of energy will destroy them. To get to the ones at the top of the room, you can either make use of the low gravity and leap up, or you could use your Grappling Bowtie.

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