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Medusa is a gorgon featured on Mythology Island.



Medusa's wears a purple robe with a matching belt and white pin at the top. She has matching purple lipstick along with faint blush on her cheeks. Lastly, there are various green snakes that resemble her hair.


Role on Mythology Island

When you and Hercules enter Mount Olympus, Hercules sees a small snake and attempts to get rid of it. As it turns out, the snake was actually Medusa, who appeared and promptly turned Hercules to stone.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Ad

Medusa also makes an appearance in the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief ad as a major antagonist, except here, she has red rays of light radiating from her eyes.


You can get Medusa's hair in the store. Also, there is a Medusa Surfer item you can redeem with a special code that comes with Poptropica Adventures.


  • She came in 4th place in the 2011 Villain Showdown.
  • In real life, her name is Tracey West. She wrote the book Poptropica: The Official Guide, as well as many other Poptropica books.
  • In original Greek mythology, it would be impossible for Medusa and Hercules to meet as Medusa was decapitated, and therefore killed, by Perseus, Hercules' ancestor, before Hercules was even born.
  • One of the items players can get by redeeming a code from the Poptropica Adventures game is a Medusa Surfer costume.
  • The boat on Mission Atlantis Island is called "Medusa."
  • Despite being an enemy, she doesn't stand in the player's way at all, she simply turns Hercules into stone out of annoyance.
  • Because of her minor role and very brief appearance, there is no known way to customize her (excluding the snake hair that can be bought in-store and the redeemable costume that was loosely based on her design).
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