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Medicine Man, also known as the Booga Shaman, is a person in Shark Tooth Island. He is a very popular Poptropican, despite the fact that he only appears in one islandShark Tooth Island was his only appearance.



The Medicine Man wears a wide blue mask with green leaves and shark teeth along with a yellow shirt and grass skirt. He is holding a long, wooden spoon, stained with a green liquid in one hand and has a smiley face necklace around his neck. He will also only talk to native islanders.


The Medicine Man is a strange man who only talks to native islanders. In order to talk to him the player must wear a Grass Skirt, which makes them resemble an islander, so the Medicine Man will talk to them. He will assist you by making a calming potion for the Great Booga Shark. First you have to get all the ingredients and bring them to him. The Medicine Man then creates a potion which helps you calm down the Great Booga Shark to save Shark Tooth Island



  • He is based on voodoo priests and witch doctors.
  • An outline of the Medicine Man appears in the video explaining how the robots took over Poptropica in Game Show Island.
  • There is a 3" figure of the Medicine Man.
  • The Medicine Man is called Booga Shaman on his gold card. This is most likely his real name.
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