The Island Medallion, or Medallion, is a golden medal given to you as a reward if you complete an island. The Medallion comes with 150 free credits (it was originally 50), and can be worn by the Poptropican. When an island is selected for island of the month, you will receive more credits when you win the medallion.


The only way to earn the Medallion on each island is to complete the quest. Each island has different ways to complete the quest.

No Island Main Quest
Early Poptropica Medallion
Early Poptropica Island
Find the three missing objects and return them to the Pilgrims.
Shark Tooth Medallion
Shark Tooth Island
Find all the ingredients to make Booga the Shark calm down and rescue the citizens.
Time Tangled Medallion
Time Tangled Island
Find what happened to the past and fix it.
24 Carrot Medallion
24 Carrot Island
Stop Dr. Hare from stealing the citizen's carrots, and destroying Poptropica.
Super Power Medallion
Super Power Island
Catch the escaping super-powered prisoners.
Spy Medallion
Spy Island
Defeat B.A.D.'s secret plan, rescue the 3 captured spies, and defeat Director D.
Nabooti Medallion
Nabooti Island
Collect all the missing Nabooti Jewels.
Big Nate Medallion
Big Nate Island
Help the students find the time capsule in order to save the school from demolition.
Astro-Knights Medallion
Astro-Knights Island
Stop Mordred's evil plan to conquer the world in order to save the princess.
Counterfeit Medallion
Counterfeit Island
Collect the missing special art from the museum and stop Black Widow.
Reality TV Medallion
Reality TV Island
Conquer the show Reality TV Island.
Mythology Medallion
Mythology Island
Finish Zeus's task and challenges, help Athena, and save Poptropica.
Skullduggery Medallion
Skullduggery Island
Defeat Captain Crawfish.
Steamworks Medallion
Steamworks Island
Find the secret to why the Poptropicans have disappeared, and resolve it.
Great Pumpkin Medallion
Great Pumpkin Island
Help Snoopy defeat the Red Baron as Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin.
Cryptids Medallion
Cryptids Island
Find all the Cryptids before Gretchen Grimlock does.
Wild West Medallion
Wild West Island
Defeat El Mustachio Grande and his gang.
Wimpy Wonderland Medallion
Wimpy Wonderland Island
Help Greg Heffley find his brother, Manny Heffley, and bring him back home.
Red Dragon Medallion
Red Dragon Island
Save Jack and Annie, as well as rescue Japan from the Red Dragon.
Shrink Ray Medallion
Shrink Ray Island
Retrieve the Shrink Ray gun.
Mystery Train Medallion
Mystery Train Island
Capture the thief and save the Chicago Fair.
Game Show Medallion
Game Show Island
Restore the confidence of the Poptropicans by completing the game shows, and defeat Holmes.
Ghost Story Medallion
Ghost Story Island
Find out who and why the ghosts are haunting the Island, and stop it.
S.O.S Medallion
S.O.S Island
Rescue everyone on board before the Pequod sinks.
Vampire's Curse Medallion
Vampire's Curse Island
Turn Count Bram back into a human being and rescue Katya.
Twisted Thicket Medallion
Twisted Thicket Island
Find out why the forest creatures are attacking the village.
Poptropolis Games Medallion
Poptropolis Games Island 2013
Win the Poptropolis Games.
Wimpy Boardwalk Medallion
Wimpy Boardwalk Island
Get back Greg's twenty dollars from the teenage boys.
Lunar Colony Medallion
Lunar Colony Island
Find Dr. Salerno and the fourth artifact on the moon.
Super Villain Medallion
Super Villain Island
Retrieve the four totems and save Poptropica.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Medallion
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island
Save Charlie.
Zomberry Medallion
Zomberry Island
End the zombie outbreak.
Night Watch Medallion
Night Watch Island
Capture the thief.
Back Lot Medallion
Back Lot Island
Finish Carson Willis' film.
Virus Hunter Medallion
Virus Hunter Island
Remove the virus from Joe's body.
Poptropolis Games Medallion
Poptropolis Games Island 2013
Win the Poptropolis Games.
Mocktropica Medallion
Mocktropica Island
Find all three of the missing employees from Poptropica Headquarters.
Monster Carnival Medallion
Monster Carnival Island
Defeat Ringmaster Raven.
Survival Episode 1 Medallion
Survival Island
Survive in the Yukon forest by completing tasks that vary per episode.
Mission Atlantis Episode 1 Medallion
Mission Atlantis Island
Discover the lost city of Atlantis and its secrets by navigating its ruins each episode.
PoptropiCon Episode 1 Medallion
PoptropiCon Island
Get your way into PoptropiCon and complete various tasks at the convention for each episode.
Arabian Nights Episode 1 Medallion
Arabian Nights Island
Defeat the thieves attacking the Agrabah Bazaar.
Galactic Hot Dogs Medallion
Galactic Hot Dogs Island
Find the three pieces of the map and arrive at the mystery planet.
Mystery of the Map Medallion
Mystery of the Map Island
Rescue Mya, Jorge, and Oliver.
Timmy Failure Medallion
Timmy Failure Island
Help Timmy find his pants.
Escape from Pelican Rock Medallion
Escape from Pelican Rock Island
Escape from Pelican Rock Prison and prove your innocence.
Monkey Wrench Medallion
Monkey Wrench Island
Win the aircraft race.

Previous Owners

All the medallions belong to someone else before you got them.

Early Poptropica Island: The Chief of Early Poptropica

Shark Tooth Island: Professor Hammerhead

Time Tangled Island: Your Future Self

24 Carrot Island: The Mayor

Super Power Island: Ned Noodlehead/Chief of Police

Spy Island: Top Secret Secretary

Nabooti Island: Woman at Museum

Big Nate Island: Mrs. Godfrey

Astro-Knights Island: Richard

Counterfeit Island: The Curator

Reality TV Island: The Helicopter Guy

Mythology Island: Athena

Skullduggery Island: Governor Roland

Steamworks Island: Mayor Crumb

Great Pumpkin Island: Lucy

Cryptids Island: Harold Mews

Wild West Island: Marshal Taylor

Wimpy Wonderland Island: Greg Heffley

Red Dragon Island: Jack and Annie

Shrink Ray Island: C.J.

Mystery Train Island: Grover Cleveland

Game Show Island: Dr. Harold Langley

Ghost Story Island: Magistrate Henry Flatbottom

S.O.S. Island: Captain Boomer

Vampire's Curse Island: Count Bram

Twisted Thicket Island: Elf Queen

Poptropolis Games Island 2013MC

Wimpy Boardwalk: Greg Heffley

Lunar Colony Island: Director McNabb

Super Villain Island: Security Guards

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Island: Mr Willy Wonka

Zomberry Island: Samuel Brains

Night Watch Island: Slugger's Owner

Back Lot Island: The Movie Manager

Virus Hunter Island: Dr. Lange

Back Lot Island:  Carson Willis

Mocktropica Island: Woman working at Poptropica headquarters

Monster Carnival Island: Edgar

PoptropiCon Island: Tessa Turncoat

Mystery of the Map Island: Maya

Escape from Pelican Rock Island: Marshal Brannigan

Monkey Wrench Island: Race Host


Completing Islands in Poptropica is the simplest and easiest way to receive credits. When the player completes an Island, they will receive credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. The number of credits varies by island, and it has gone through numerous changes over time.


Starting July 6, 2011, Poptropica started allowing players to replay islands, while keeping all the Island Medallions they had already earned. The medallion they received from completing once will disappear from their inventory, but not their friend's page. However, they will not receive credits after playing.[1]


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