Mysterytrain screen

A screenshot of Mystery Train's Main Street

Main Street is the main street and the first location on Mystery Train Island.

Role on Mystery Train Island

When you land on the island, you find a poster for a Chicago World's Fair, and a train stopped there is going to this fair. Go left until you find a man struggling to push some bags on to the John Bull, the train stopped there. The man, Thomas Edison, will tell you that if you can push his luggage in the train, he'll be in your debt. Now you will see five suitcases and a wooden board. Just organize the suitcase into size order (smallest one on the left side and tallest on the right side), click on the wooden plank, and your Poptropican will push Edison's luggage onto the train. Edison then gives you a ticket to the John Bull in case he needs your assistance again, tells your Poptropican to meet him once you board the train, and leaves. Then go a bit right and board the train. And after you finish the island, you will appear back on Main Street.

Places in Main Street

Items found on Main Street

  • Train Ticket



  • After completing the island, Main Street is the only place you can visit unless you restart the island.
  • Main Street may actually be in Washington DC, since what looks like the Capitol is in the background and the real John Bull brought people from Washington DC to Chicago.
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