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Little Eddie is a mischievous coral snake that you will encounter on Night Watch Island.


Little Eddie is a coral snake that doesn't act in aggression when threatened. He was rather troublesome for escaping from his cage.


Little Eddie is also rather smart, as shown when he drives a scooter, but can be easily tricked into thinking a toy bird is a real one, and eating it.


Role on Night Watch Island

While you are on duty, Little Eddie escapes from the pet shop and causes mischief all over the mall while you try to catch him.

He first finds his way into MacGuffin's and hides in a miniature porta-potty. Then he hides in a tanning bed. At one point you trick him into eating a toy bird but he still escapes and steals your segway.

He does, however, prove himself to be useful in the end, when he clobbers Preston Wilhelm with the scooter. It is unknown what becomes of him after that but it is heavily implied that he was caught and returned to his habitat by the pet store owner.



  • Technically, Little Eddie is both a minor antagonist and a protagonist in Night Watch Island since he originally went about causing chaos; but in the end, he slams into Preston Wilhelm while riding a scooter, thus proving him useful.
  • The color pattern on his head is different than that of the rest of his body.
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