Kory Merritt is a Poptropica creator who co-creates the Poptropica comic strip along with Paul Gilligan. He also co-creates the Poptropica graphic novel series along with Max Brallier. From his "Lost Side of Suburbia" website:

The Lost Side of Suburbia is a children’s book series, published online by Universal Uclick at and the educational site since 2010. Ebook collections have been released by Crazy Goat Publishing, the online book arm of The Cartoonist Studio. ​Kory Merritt started cartooning and illustrating while attending SUNY Brockport. His weekly comic strip, Brockport Chronicled, won the John Locher Memorial Award in 2007. He signed a comic strip development contract with Creators Syndicate in 2009, although that has since expired. LSoS, a step in a different direction, was largely influenced by folktales Kory learned as a counselor at Camp Kenan in Barker, New York. Kory currently teaches K-6 Art in Hammondsport, New York.
Lost Side of Suburbia

Job on Poptropica

Kory co-creates the Poptropica comic strip along with Paul Gilligan, as the illustrator side of the team. He also works with Max Brallier to create the Poptropica graphic novel series, as an illustrator for the books.

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