The Map of Astro-Knights Island

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Arturus Welcome sign

Arturus is the kingdom on Astro-Knights Island. The King, Queen and Princess all live in the Castle of Arturus


While the kingdom's origins are still unknown, the most recent history can be traced.


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Mordred was a scientist who not only brought electricity and power to the kingdom, but also performed illegal experiments. The King had Mordred arrested under the charges of breaking the laws of nature. However, he escaped, and continued his experiments. The King then order the royal guards to seize him. He, however, escaped via spacecraft to Pewter Moon before the guards arrived leaving Merlin behind.

Battle of Arturus

The Battle of Arturus was Mordred's revenge on the kingdom. It explains the damage on the buildings. Surprisingly, the kingdom managed to win the battle despite being outnumbered and outgunned by technology.

The Search for the Princess

After the Battle of Arturus, the princess was captured by the retreating forces. Three knights set off the rescue her. They went to three different planets, but failed their mission when the native wildlife marooned them. The Chosen One eventually deafeated the native wildlife and rescued the princess.

The Events of Astro-Knights

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A foreign poptropican, who turns out to be the Chosen One, traveled to the kingdom by blimp. The Chosen One surveyed the damage and then set out to rescue the princess and the three knights and defeated Mordred, to the surprise of the whole kingdom, the Chosen One succeeded in their task and brought power back to the kingdom. The King then had him/her knighted.

Royal Guards

The Royal Guards are the kingdom's armed forces. They served in the Battle of Arturus.



  • The kingdom is named after the Legend of King Arthur.
  • The gold coin has the words "Arturus Aurea Mediocritas" on it. This means "Golden Mediocrity" in Latin.
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