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Joe Stockman is one of the characters in Virus Hunter Island. His body is the one that your Poptropican enters to fight the virus, CC13 Influenza.  


He has dark hair, in his 30s, and works in Globochem (his Globochem shirt). He also wears blue pants.


He has a green shirt with a yellow undershirt, with blue pants.


Pandemic Panic

He appears first in page 4 of Pandemic Panic where he finds the CC13 virus sample and, mistaking it for jam, consumes it. His face is not shown to avoid spoilers. A strand of his hair was attached to the note he left behind, which was later used to track him.

Role on Virus Hunter Island

Joe plays a large role in this island. After consuming the virus, you must track him down for the PDC and take his photo. You find him working at Globochem and, after taking his picture and identifying him as the target, you are shrunken down to nanoscopic size and placed in a small ship and sent into his body via Chinese food delivery to isolate the virus so the PDC can make a cure. Throughout the island, Joe encounters various situations which always turn out badly for you, such as drinking grape juice, spraining his arm and breathing in carbon monoxide emissions. At the end of the island, he sneezes you out and the PDC arrive on the scene in time to collect the virus sample.

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