Jellyfish are clear, purple, jelly-like sea creatures with dangerous electrified stinging tentacles.


Role on S.O.S Island

Jellyfish are freed into the S.S. Pequod when you break the aquariums in the ballroom to raise the water level and rescue the tour guide. You later have to avoid them while navigating through the submerged ballroom. They will sting you if you touch them.

Role in Poptropolis Games Island Dig 2013

Three jellyfish appear when you swim down to the ruins. They swim up and down and you must navigate around them.

Role on Mission Atlantis Island

In the first episode of this island, you spot one specimen of the rare jellyfish species known as the Hydromedusa after you are done taking the five pictures you were sent underwater to take. Cam Jameson, via radio, tells you to follow it. However, the Hydromedusa swims away, and when you catch up to it, a whole swarm of Hydromedusa appear and short out your Bubble Sub, causing it to crash. They reappear in the second episode where you must use them to power part of the doorway to open.


  • The jellyfish in the Poptropolis Dig 2013 look almost identical to the ones in S.O.S. Island.
  • Hydromedusa is actually a genus of turtle. The correct term is actually Hydromedusan jellyfish.
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