The Robot Invader or Invader Bot is an enemy in Astro-Knights Island. To defeat it first go into the secret library room and pull the switch, then go to Mordred's Hideout in the Ye Olde Rumour Mille and push on the far wall until it opens. Then go through the gate and the robot will explode. If you click on it while it is still in the dungeon, it will say a few numbers (the binary numerical system, which only uses the numbers 0 and 1). It is one of the robots that Mordred created.

History and Role on Astro-Knights Island

The Invader-Bot was brought by Mordred to Arturus. It was probably meant to invade the castle and scan the rooms of the castle. But it was caught and put in the dungeon. When taking the secret passage, a Poptropican met it. Later, the Poptropican came through a secret tunnel from the Secret Hideout. The Invader-Bot exploded (it's natural reaction to intrusion), and the fuel rod used to power it was blown threw the bars of the cell, and the Poptropican used it's pet robot owl, Merlin, to obtain it. However, he never made any later appearances.


  • The numbers it speaks are Binary Code for the word "Bard."
  • Even after you complete Astro-Knights, you can still see Invader Bots attacking Pewter Moon from seeing it by the telescope in the planetarium.