The Ice Arrow is one of the mystical weapons of Arturus.


This magical weapon was crafted by Rime the Wizard. This icy arrow will strike wherever the holder directs.
The Mystical Weapons of Arturus


It is used to defeat the Dragotank in Astro-Knights Island.

Meltdown Cave

When you enter Meltdown Cave you try to go behind his mace-tail without getting maced after that pull the lever. The dragon will be temporarily shut down. You will notice that it's mouth will be opened. Fire the arrow into his mouth when he is temporarily shut down. (It needs perfect timing though) Continue this two more times to defeat the dragon and he will fall down.

Mordred's Fortress

When you arrive at Mordred's Fortress, the Binary Bard will steal it from you. He will then turn it into the Green Fuel Orb to power up his robot along with the Laser Lance and Force Shield.

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