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The Himalayas is an Asian mountain range mainly along the border of India. To climb the Himalayas, you need a sherpa guide.

Role on Time Tangled Island

Edmund Hillary lost his climbing goggles and is unable to finish his climb of Mount Everest  (one of the Himalayan Mountains) until he finds them. The goggles are in the possession of an Aztec warrior, in which you get while wearing the mask. You can also find the original model of the Statue Of Liberty on the tallest point of Mount Everest.

Role on Cryptids Island

The Himalayas is one of the four (later five) areas you must visit. It is supposedly home to the Yeti. You need a sherpa guide to get to the monastery where the Yeti Scalp lies. However, the monks will not let you take the scalp but they will give you an unlit oil lamp. There is also a supposed yeti footprint you must take a picture of, but it turns out to be a snowshoe print.

Role on Wimpy Boardwalk Island

A cardboard version of the Himalayas was used in the game Himalayan Hurl that is seen on the main boardwalk when you land. The Himalayas is the theme of the game.

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