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Hercules is the son of the Greek God Zeus and the mortal Alcmene.


Hercules has light skin along with brown hair and a crisscrossed belt and armor along with a kilt. Although he is really friendly, he can be a bit egotistical at times.


Role on Mythology Island

He appears in Mythology Island, signing autographs for 10 Drachmas. He helps you on your quest by using his extreme strength to move a boulder blocking Hades' throne room and pounding on a platform that blocked Poseidon's underwater throne room. He follows you until you reach Mount Olympus, where he sees a snake emerging from the ground, revealed to be Medusa, who then turns him into a statue.



  • Hercules is the Roman name for the son of Zeus and Alcmene. The Greek name for Hercules is Heracles. It is possible that his Roman name was used as his Roman name is more widely known.
  • Hera, Hercules' step-mother, hates him very much according to mythology.