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In Greek Mythology, Hades is the god of the Underworld, and the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. His friends username is Hadescreator1.


Hades has black hair with a beard and is wearing a green robe while holding a staff with a skull. He wears a crown, with skulls making up the points. His belt also features a skull as a buckle.


Role on Mythology Island

When Hercules moved the boulder in the Underworld, the Poptropican convinced Hades to give them his crown, as he cannot leave the Underworld. After the Poptropican saved Mythology Island, Hades did not reclaim the crown. However, his crown allows you to grow big anywhere.

Role on Poptropica Adventures

The second package that you must deliver for Hermes is for Hades. You must go across the River Styx and go to Hades' domain, in which you find that Cerberus is sick and Hades is going to make a potion to cure him, but needs your help. You must catch 20 of the potions he throws. He thanks you for helping cure Cerberus, but states that he misses Hermes and wants him to come back to deliver mail.



  • He is one of the creators of Poptropica.
  • According to Greek Mythology, he is the eldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon.
  • He is not seen in Super Villain Island, but his other two brothers are.
  • Putting on his crown will also give you his hairstyle, and you cannot take the crown off unless you change your hairstyle.
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