Gus is the old security guard at the Twin Palms Mall in Night Watch Island.



Gus is an old man with grey hair and a grey mustache. He is wearing a mall cop outfit along with a pair of glasses.


Gus was a good security guard when he was on the job. But then he started seeing cat burglars, escaped animals, crazed training robots, and he even said he heard noises in the wall. Everyone thought he was crazy and he had to be fired by Allison Maynard, the mall manager.

You find him being fired by the mall manager in the parking lot. As such, you decide to take his place. After nightfall, a security alarm is triggered and you investigate. You discover his smartphone in the cushions of a massage chair. Throughout the rest of the island, he guides you along via the smartphone. It is eventually revealed that he was not hallucinating about the cat burglar, also known as Preston Wilhelm.