Gretchen Grimlock is the villain of Cryptids Island.



She is a fortune hunter who would "lie, cheat, and steal to get what she wants," as Harold Mews says.


She has two different tones of light and dark pink hair with a white lightning bolt in between, along with a matching pink and white dress. She wears sharp, pink earrings and magenta lipstick. Underneath her right eye is a faded scar that resembles a lightning bolt. She has a mole on her right cheek. Sometimes she is shown wearing pink sunglasses with black rims that resemble eyelashes.


She was the owner of the company Gretchen's Beauty Products Inc. To create her beauty products, she tracked down and obtained rare, endangered creatures and plants. While searching for a rare orchid, she was attacked by a large Bigfoot-like creature. That led to the scar on her face and her obsession with cryptids.

Role on Cryptids Island

You see her twice on the island. The first time is when she attempts to drown you while you are kitesurfing, when she burns your kite down and you almost drown. The second time is at the end, where she hacks your communication system and captures Bigfoot. You take her down by opening her helicopter fuel tank and cutting the rope of the cage, thus releasing Bigfoot. She was later captured and taken to Erewhon Prison.

Role on Super Villain Island

Gretchen Grimlock is in Erewhon along with the Super Power Island criminals and a few other villains from the past. She is in a cell with Betty Jetty, and if you click on her, she'll say: "This place is filled with weirdos."



  • She has a scar that is shaped like a jagged lightning bolt.
  • Her design is based off a lightning bolt.
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